What is a constable? 


The Constables of Maricopa County provide the public with an efficient and timely service of process issued through the Justice Courts. These processes include: 

  • Orders of Protection.
  • Summons. 
  • ​Subpoenas
  • Orders of the Court such as evictions and property seizures
Constables duties include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Conduct Constable sales of property levied on to satisfy judgments.
  • Execute and return writs of possession or restitution (evictions). 
  • Judicial security. 
  • Levy and return writs of execution (seize property to satisfy judgments). 
  • Serve criminal and civil summons and subpoenas. 
  • Serve orders of protection and orders prohibiting harassment. 
  • Store personal property levied on
  • Summon Jurors

Description from maricopa.gov